Indoor Air Quality
IAQBRAHAM SCHOOL DISTRICT is proud to be taking a leadership role in providing a safe, comfortable and productive environment for our student and staff so that we achieve our core mission ---- educating students. Our school will follow the EPA guidance to improve our indoor air quality by preventing as many IAQ problems as possible, and by quickly responding to any IAQ problems that may arise. Good air quality requires an ongoing commitment by everyone in our school, because each of us daily makes decisions and performs activities that affect the quality of the air we breathe.

School staff, students and parents can obtain checklists or self-help information so they can properly evaluate their child's home or other out of school situation by contacting the school. Staff and parents can also obtain information about school facility construction, maintenance and housekeeping practices, chemicals used, mold and HVAC related information, chemical producing academic subjects, and pesticide and herbicide applications to determine the extent to which school activities contribute to a child's symptoms by contacting the school.

The BRAHAM SCHOOL DISTRICT Indoor Air Quality contact person is Jeff Campbell, Head Custodian. If there are any questions regarding the school's IAQ Program, please feel free to call the school at 320-396-4444.