Rachel’s Challenge - THANK YOU!
Rachel’s Challenge - THANK YOU!
Posted on 10/30/2014
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A huge thank you to our neighboring School Districts Pine City, Rush City and Hinckley for initially inviting Braham to join in with some Rachel's Challenge Events.
Thanks to East Central Energy for the generous monetary support as well as allowing and encouraging their employees to act as volunteers to assist us with assemblies, lunch and Friends of Rachel Club training on October 29th.
Thanks to all the Braham staff members who did lots of extra work in preparing our students and facility for the Rachel's Challenge events on October 28th and 29th. 

Thanks to Joe who spoke with our staff in August and Peter and Ali from Rachel's Challenge. All are gifted speakers and genuinely kind people who shared Rachel's story and information on bullying prevention with us.
Thank you to Carlton High School students for joining us on October 29th and learning with us in a respectful and engaged manner.  
Thanks to the Braham Area Community Center, numerous parents and community members for attending our community event and for pledging to accept Rachel's Challenge your continued support will be crucial to the success of our students.
Finally,  Thank you Braham students for your enthusiasm and interest in making our school an even better place for all students to learn and grow. You are all amazing!