Students that are enrolling
for the 2017-18 school year 
over the summer months,
please visit us at: 

Braham Area High School
531 Elmhurst Ave S.
Braham, MN 55006
The high school Principal and activities director is
Mr. Shawn Kuhnke. His office for grades 7 - 12 is in the
Braham Area High School (320-396-5220).

The high school Dean of Students is Tammi Johnson. Her office for
grades 7 - 12 is in the Braham Area High School (320-396-5220)

The high school Counselor Amanda Tessmer wishes to meet all
high school students and will be in the guidance office at the
high school building on or about August 31st (320-396-5217)

Enrollment forms are available for download below.  For more information please call 320-396-5220

You will need to bring the following information with you when you register:
- Immunization Records and a list of health issues
- Name, address and phone number of school the student is
   transferring from
- Special Education Only: Copy of your Individualized Education
   Plan (IEP)

Enrollment Forms.pdf

Non-Resident Agreement form Fillable.pdf (This form is for students that do not live in the Braham Area Schools district border. The New Student Enrollment Forms also need to be completed)

Braham Area Schools Lunch Forms

District Calendar

Our Mission for the District

Braham Area Schools is dedicated to providing high quality positive lifelong learning to nurture each individual's unique potential, talent, and self worth. This will be accomplished by:
● fostering a high level of community commitment
● creating increased opportunities for learning       
● encouraging open communication                      
                  ● recognizing that education is a cooperative responsibility, and
       ● building meaningful relationships with all stakeholders