Mikailya Rutten
Welcome to Ms. Rutten's web page! 

On this website you should be able to find all information that will be going over or doing in class. There will be tabs/pages available as the school year goes on for all subjects that I teach.  If you DO NOT find it please contact me via email or phone, so that I can change it! 

Schedule for the year:
8:00-8:17     Advisory
8:21-9:09     Earth Science (8th grade)
9:13- 10:01   Chemistry 
10:05 - 10:53 Chemistry
10:57 - 12:23 Lunch Duty/Lunch
12:27- 1:15    Prep Hour
1:19 - 2:07     Advanced Chemistry
2:11 - 3:00     Earth Science (8th grade)