Jennifer Lundin

Hello My Name Is...

Jennifer Lundin


I am excited to continue the 1:1 initiative this year. One reason for this is the ability for students to email/ share their written work with me. I have been using this strategy for a few years and I feel that students have responded well to it. I have been using Google Classroom and am in love with the tools they have implemented, so I will be continuing using this tool this year. I invite you to check it out with your child. 

As a teacher I am always trying to better myself. Two years ago I implemented essential questions to help focus the material and lesson in my classes. This year I hope to incorporate more critical reading, writing and thinking into my classes. By focusing on Analyzing, Evaluating and Synthesizing, I feel my students can better prepare themselves for more complex reading and thinking inside and outside of my classroom walls.

My Class schedule this year is:
7:45-10:53: Elementary
10:57-12:23: WRIT 1301/ Lunch
12:27-1:15 7/8 ELA skills
1:19-2:07: English 12
2:11-3:00: Prep