Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Braham Area High School

Instructor: Mr. Ferrin

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Syllabus

Course Description:

Course Objectives:

Rules and Expectations:

1. I will be prepared and in my assigned when the bell rings.

2. I will respect others’ rights and their property through my words and actions.

3. I Will take excellent care of the classroom equipment and furnishing.

4. I will use the computers for course appropriate activities.

5. I will come to class with a good attitude and put forth my best effort.


Assignments 35%

Projects 35%

Tests & Quizzes 20%

Participation 10%

Grading Scale:

A+ 99-100

A 93-98

A- 90-92

B+ 87-89

B 80-86

B- 78-77


C 70-75

C- 68-69

D+ 66-67

D 64-65

D- 60-63

Late Work:

Projects and Assignments handed in late will lose credit if turned in late.


1. Verbal reminder of the rule (move student if appropriate)

2. Meet with instructor after class to discuss behavior

3. Parent is contacted and student will create correction plan (during lunch or after school)

4. Detention

5. Failing Grade and permanent removal from class

Note* Level of consequence may depend upon the severity of the disruption