Intro to Business

Braham Area High School: Introduction to Business Syllabus

Instructor:  Mr. Ferrin Email Address:

Course Description:

An introductory study of the functional areas of business to help students realize the integral role business plays in the economy and our lifestyles. Topics include the major elements in the business environment, forms of business ownership, competition in the domestic and international market, management of human and financial resources and marketing.


Economics 2 weeks

Entrepreneurship/Management/Leadership 2 weeks

International/Globalization 1 week

Marketing & advertising 2 weeks

HR/ Diversity/Communications (Ecommerce)  2 week

Careers/resumes 1 week

Distribution & Packaging 2 weeks

Project: Create Business Plan                               

Rules & Expectations: Failure to abide by the following rules will result in loss of 5 participation points.

  • I will be prepared and in my assigned seat when the bell rings.

  • I will respect others’ rights and their property through my words and actions

  • I will take excellent care of the classroom equipment and furnishings (Use mouse pads for intended purposes only, no writing on desks, proper care of mouse and keyboard)

  • I will use the computers for course appropriate activities (not on social media or game websites)

  • I will come to class with a good attitude and put forth my best effort

Evaluations: Grading will be based 100% on points.

Grading Scale:

A 93-100 C 70-75

A- 90-92 C- 68-69

B+ 87-89 D+ 66-67        

B 80-86 D 64-65

B- 78-79 D- 60-63

C+ 76-77


Any assignment or project considered late may be turned in for half credit.  However, late tests or quizzes are not permitted.  Some circumstances may account for exceptions with prior approval from the instructor.

Correcting Irresponsible or Inappropriate Behaviors:

  • Verbal reminder of the rule (move student if appropriate)

  • Meet with instructor after class to discuss behavior

  • Parent is contacted and student will create correction plan (during lunch or after school)

  • Detention

  • Failing Grade and Permanent removal from class

Note – Level of consequence may depend upon the severity of the disruption

Procedure and Routines:

Entering the Classroom: Read daily overview/instructions on the board, Listen for further instruction.

Ending the Class Period: Chairs pushed in.