Careers and Technology 8

Braham Area High School

Tech 8

Instructor:  Mr. Ferrin


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Course Description:

Computers/Career 8 is a semester long course in which you will build on your foundation of computer literacy and business knowledge.  You will be expected to consistently use good keyboarding technique as a means to increase accuracy and speed as well as reduce the risk of computer-related injury.  This course will also allow you to discover the possibilities that exist in business, and the role that computers serve in the information and communication process.   Through daily activities and major projects, we will explore the many possibilities that computers have to offer.

Essential Questions

  1. What impact does computer technology have on society?  What is the future of information technology?

  2. What does it mean to be computer literate and why is it important in today’s society?

  3. What today’s popular trends related to business and computer technology?

  4. What are the possibilities and limitations that face computer technology?


Keying Review

Word Processing

Professional Forms

Desktop Publishing

Technology Ethics and Law

Career Exploration

Microsoft Excel

Presentation Software

Web Design

Online Resources/Tools

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the role of computer technology in society

  2. Identify how personal interest, background, and aptitude relate to various career clusters and career success

  3. Demonstrate proper keyboard technique

  4. Create spreadsheets for a variety of functions

  5. Utilize the Internet for various applications

Evaluation and Grading

The grading scale will be as follows:

A 93%-100% C 73%-76%

A- 90%-92% C- 70%-72%

B+ 87%-89% D+ 67%-69%

B 83%-86% D 63%-66%

B- 80%-82% D- 60%-62%

C+ 77%-79% F Below 60%


90% of the total points for this course are earned through assignments, projects, and tests/quizzes.  Any assignment or project considered late may be turned in for half credit.  However, late tests or quizzes are not permitted.  Some circumstances may account for exceptions with prior approval from the instructor.

Rules & Expectations:

  1. I will be prepared and in my assigned seat when the bell rings

  2. I will respect others’ rights and their property through my words and actions

  3. I will take excellent care of the classroom equipment and furnishings

  4. I will use the computers for course appropriate activities

  5. I will come to class with a good attitude and put forth my best effort

Correcting Irresponsible or Inappropriate Behaviors:

  1. Verbal reminder of the rule (move student if appropriate)

  2. Meet with instructor after class – kept in class for one minute after the bell to discuss behavior

  3. Parent is contacted and student will create correction plan (during lunch or after school)

  4. Detention

  5. Removal from class

Note – Level of consequence may depend upon the severity of the disruption and in accordance with student handbook policy.

Procedure and Routines:

Entering the Classroom and Getting to Work Immediately:

  1. Immediately begin warm up exercise or question of the day

  2. Read daily overview/instructions on the board

  3. Listen for further instruction

Ending the Class Period:

  1. Remain working up to bell

  2. Room is clean, books are closed, and computers are logged-off

  3. Students must be in assigned seats before dismissal by teacher, not bell; chairs pushed in upon leaving class

Tech 8 Timing Grading Scale

  • Must have 2 or less errors

  • -1 for 3 errors

  • 0/10 for 4+ errors

  • +1 for improving GWAM by 4 WPM from previous timings