Welcome To The Braham Area Schools Art Department Webpage!

My name is Ryan Kedrowski, (the kids call me "Mr. K") and I am the new instructor for the 2016 school year.  I set up this webspace as a means to communicate pertinent information to parents and students alike.  If you need to access documents for class (such as a syllabus or homework assignment or something of that nature it will be uploaded to this site for your convenience.  If you have any questions or comments for me I'd love to hear from you! I can be reached via email at or you can simply press the button at the bottom of the page.

My Current Schedule Is:
8:00am – 8:17am                                     Advisory
8:21am – 9:09am                                              Prep
9:13am – 10:01am                                           Art 7
10:05am – 10:53am       Advanced Clay & Sculpture
10:57am – 11:51am Clay & Sculpture
11:51am – 12:23pm          Lunch
12:27pm – 1:15pm                                   Intro To Art
1:19pm – 2:07pm             Drawing & Painting
2:11pm – 3:00pm                       Graphic Arts