Woods 1 & 2
Woods 1

Course Description:

            Intro to woods will cover various woodworking techniques. Students will work in teams to plan, create structure, and finish a piece for a manufactured project. Planning will include drafting, wood selection, materials list, and budgeting. The structure will include team activities and building. You will demonstrate the skills required for safety, and the safety of your classmates. Technical reading and writing will be required.

Essential Lerner Outcomes 

*Students will demonstrate and apply proper shop and tool safety.

*Students will translate blue prints for supplies and measurements.

*Students will estimate project timetables, budget, and final cost.

*Students will develop teamwork, verbal, and written communication.

*Students will evaluate their techniques used to measure, cut, join, and finish projects


Units of Study: (subject to change)




*Tool operation

*Team manufacturing



*Quality control

Woods 2

Course Description:

Students whom have taken and passed woods 1 are eligible to enroll in this class. Woods 2 will be a student driven and selected project based class. Advanced techniques will be taught as the projects dictate. Students may work as a team or individual on their project if the work reflects the time of the total individuals involved and with approval of the project by the instructor. Failure to complete a project will result in the failure of this course. Students are responsible for all cost of their project. Community sponsored projects may be available. Shop safety will be demonstrated at all times.   

Essential Lerner Outcomes 

*Students will create complex woods based projects from raw stock.

*Students will demonstrate the proper use of measurement equipment.

*Students will safely and efficiently operate tools and equipment necessary to complete their project.

*Students will accurately draft all plans for every part of the project.

*Students will develop proficiency in areas of employment (punctual, safe, productive, record keeping, ect)


Units of Study: (subject to change)


*Blue printing


*Individual and team Manufacturing