Power & Mechanics

Course Description:

In this course students will learn to work as a team. There is a management, fabrication, and design group. All three groups have important tasks to complete. The class will be making a super mileage car to compete at B.I.R. You will learn mechanical traits that can be important for future life. Cars may be made from scratch starting from the ground up or by modifying the existing cars. You will have to raise money for all supplies needed for the car. Many other skills are included in the course such as public speaking, mathematics, and management. Time is important, so use it wisely.

Essential Lerner Outcomes

*Students will develop a strong work ethic while applying a constant concern for safety.

*Students will explore methods, problems and the history of Power Mechanics.

*Students will develop an appreciation of quality workmanship and craftsmanship.

*Students will explore the various occupational opportunities available in the field of Power Mechanics.

*Students will identify the necessary details involved in maintaining a Super Mileage Car

*Students will apply principles of gracious professionalism.

Units of Study: (subject to change)


*Research & Design


*Race Driving