Intro Welding

Course Description:

            This course is a prerequisite for the advanced welding course.  Various aspects of metalworking will be explored.  Major emphasis will be placed on welding and sheet metal.  You will learn how to use arc welding, MIG (wire-feed) welding, sheet metal equipment, and other power and hand tools associated with metalworking.  Safety will be emphasized greatly in this class as you complete a mandatory project from a selection list.   During the course some technical reading will be done, and this will help prepare you for the technical reading standard found in advanced welding.

Essential Lerner Outcomes 

*Students will accurately perform safe shop practices

*Students will evaluate welds for progress and technique

*Students will design plans for the most effective use of materials

*Students will estimate project budget and final cost

*Students will translate scale measurements


Units of Study: (subject to change)



*Tool use

*Arc welding

*MIG welding

*Plasma cutting

*Scale Drawings

*Sculpture building