Intro to Ag/Tech

Course Description:

            Here we will study the FFA organization and its activities.  Career opportunities in agriculture, the importance of agriculture and natural resources to Minnesota and Braham, evaluating dairy cattle, general livestock, and horses.

            The class will study and explore a brief piece of each class that is offered in Agriculture. The students will get a small fraction of what each class has to offer with the intent of having them take a full trimester class later in their student career. The class will have the requirement of memorizing and reciting the FFA creed. This and other speaking opportunities will be offered to the students to help them grow and progress as leaders.

Essential Lerner Outcomes 

*Students will investigate agriculture areas of interest for students.

*Students will provide a practical understanding of agriculture and its uses in horticulture, environmental, mechanical, and animal related careers.

*Students will identify the differences in agriculture around the world.

*Students will explore to the National FFA Organization and provide a forum for leadership development and student interaction.

*Students will be introduced to the Agriculture Department, its curriculum and the facility

Units of Study: (subject to change)

            *Parliamentary Procedure

            *FFA History

            *Speech/ Job Interview

            *SAE Record Keeping


            *Environmental Science

            *Shop Introduction