Greenhouse Management

Course Description:

Landscaping is a Horticulture class that emphasizes production horticulture, landscape design, landscaping processes, gardens, retaining walls, pavers, plant selection, plant identification, plant experiments, greenhouse work, and other aspects of the horticulture industry.  It is an elective class and students must have passed Introduction to Horticulture or have instructor’s approval.  This class involves a lot of hands on learning along with outdoor work.  Students that have allergies to dust, pollen and spring seasons should talk to the instructor prior to taking the class. This is a production class so be prepared to get your hands DIRTY.                                                                      

Essential Lerner Outcomes

*Students will practice propagation methods of common house and garden plants

*Students will design household and public landscapes.

*Students will manage a small business (inventory, sales, and marketing)

*Students will identify environmental factors for plant growth

Units of Study: (subject to change)

*Greenhouse Business Model

*Picking plants to buy

*Anatomy of Plants


*Plant Propagation

*Floral Arrangement