Ag Leadership

Course Description:

            The contents of this course are designed to assist the student in building their basic leadership skills. The course will deal with specific units such as running a business meeting (parliamentary procedure), public speaking, community leadership, committee leadership, and record keeping. In addition students will have the opportunity to explore their role as a global citizen by looking at the world’ agricultural marketplace. Students will be using technology an computers to research data and prepare presentations for the course.

Essential Lerner Outcomes  

*Students will understand and demonstrate the use of basic parliamentary procedure.

*Students will demonstrate principles of public speaking by presenting oral speeches.

*Students will develop finical planning skills through research and record keeping.

*Students will develop practical solutions to current issues in agriculture.

*Students will create an understanding of the complex relationships between cultural, religious, ethical, and social aspects of local and global agriculture.

Units of Study: (subject to change)

            *Parliamentary Procedure

            *Speech/ Job Interview

            *SAE Record Keeping

            *Current Issues in Agriculture

            *Public Ethics in Leadership

            *How to be a Global Citizen