Advanced Welding

Course Description:

            All students interested in MIG and TIG welding, plasma cutting, metal bending and project making should sign up for this class.  The use of measurement tools and equipment will be emphasized, as will safety.  You will design and write up detailed instructions for a metal project (technical writing).  All students will do a metal project of their own choice that contains elements of welding, cutting sheet metal work or machining.  Students taking this class should be interested in doing metal projects that contain elements of welding, and/or sheet metal working.  Failure to do a project will result in failure of the course.  Individual project design will constitute a large portion of class time.

Essential Lerner Outcomes 

*Students will be able to design and fabricate complex projects from raw stock.

*Students will safely and efficiently operate tools and equipment necessary to complete the projects.

*Students will become employable members of society (punctual, safe, record keeping, ect.)

*Students will be proficient in and the use of the proper tools to make precise measurements.

Units of Study: (subject to change)



*TIG welding

*Project Design

*Cost estimate

*Project construction