Mikailya Rutten
Welcome to Ms. Rutten's web page! 

Class Schedule:

8:00 - 8:17        Advisory
8:21 - 9:09        Chemistry 
9:13- 10:01       8th grade science
10:05-10:53      Physical Science (9th grade)
10:57-11:53      Physical Science (9th grade)
11:53-12:23      Lunch 
12:27-1:15       Chemistry
1:19 - 2:07       Prep Hour
2:11 - 3:00       Chemistry 

On this website you should be able to find all information that will be going over or doing in class. There will be tabs/pages available as the school year goes on for all subjects that I teach.  If you DO NOT find it please contact me via email or phone, so that I can change it!